scorva "peace of mind" shopping pledge | Scorva by Satyajeet Sethi

scorva brings you

“peace of mind pledge”

shopping experience


the only designer jewelry and watch brand offering you to shop without a worry. protecting your purchase along with true and prompt refund or exchange policy


you can purchase any item you like from scorva online shop. if for any reason you wish to return or exchange the purchase made, you can do so within 30 days. no questions asked and we mean it with this one of a kind and 100% customer focused protection service.  shop and enjoy stylish jewelry and watches designed and made for that stylish woman in you


read below about this fabulous “peace of mind pledge” made to you as a shopper


q whats the story behind “peace of mind pledge” at scorva by satyajeet sethi?

a: we wish to provide you with a great online shopping experience at scorva. your purchase is not only a one time buy and sell relation with us. we want you to be assured, after your purchase, we remain commited to serving you till the item you received is same as you wanted it. you being at peace of mind of mind is what means most important of all. so we thought of telling it explicitly in words, here


q does “peace of mind pledge” stand for any assurance while shopping at scorva?

a: yes, thats exactly what we wanted to convey when we introduced this pledge to you. your purchase, refund or exchange is 100% protected while you shop online with us in trust.

further to strengthen that trust we at scorva offer:

1) customer satisfaction, as our priority

2) we offer items exclusively we have designed under our registered brand

3) no pre-orders if we do not have stock, therefore your money stays safe with you

4) finally, if you are dissatisfied about the item you have purchased, we will clean up the mess, apologize and make up for the inconvenience caused. no questions asked


q: have you shared on facebook about this bold statement “peace of mind pledge”?

a: yes, we have shared on our facebook fan page introducing scorva peace of mind shopping pledge. we are proud to also share it on scorva blog to affirm our such bold commitment with customers who love our collection at scorva. we believe in “transparent dealings”, this is how we function at scorva


q: How can I use “peace of mind pledge” pledge in case I am not happy with the item purchased?

a: peace of mind pledge is our promise built into every item you purchase. should you be dissatisfied with the item you received, you are covered under our 30 days return policy. therefore our promise is a firm handshake of trust and protecting you and your purchase, to the last penny spent with us.


q: does it mean I will get my refund instantly? or an exchange?

a: yes, refund and exchange is our equal priority as same as when you make a purchase every time. we ensure to refund you within 2 to 3 working days after receiving your returned item in its original condition. items that need be exchanged are treated with same priority, shipped within 2 to 3 working days to your address, after receiving the return in its original condition.


q: why is scorva confident of such impeccable service?

a: at scorva we follow three main principles so we may provide you with such impeccable service. those three principles are honest service, maintain integrity, give back what is promised. these three services require speed and efficient management system. since we never ask questions about your return or exchange needed, it makes it all the more easier for us to perform such impeccable services speedily. having all these principles in place at scorva, we gladly offer such refund or exchange to keep our patrons happy.

all you need to ensure is the item you purchased is unused, no damage or scratch. send the first item back in the original packing we sent it to you. on receiving it, your desired item of exchange or refund will be on its way


q: how can I contact you if I need more details about your “peace of mind pledge”?

a: we are always here to answer you, just a click away. contact scorva by filling up the form. you shall receive a reply within 24 to 48 working hours


now that, much of your worries have been taken care of, we believe you will love shopping at scorva with peace of mind